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Video Conferencing Solutions

PeopleLink video conferencing solutionsmake sure that you don't face any difficulty in getting a knack of using the video conferencing in the best of your interests. We are a committed team of professionals who are going to give you the amazing experience of virtual reality which has changed the concept of communication. We have a range of solutions which are most reliable and affordable and have the capacity to work on any kind of hardware and cover all applications right from desktop to a large conference room. Be it any field, we have solutions for everyone which will connect you to anyone in the world from anywhere.

Peoplelink is working sincerely to bring the world at your feet with the help of state of art video conferencing software. We are the pioneers in the best video conferencing solutions which give excellent solutions for various sectors. If you have the dreams to reach the top then we have the determination to turn them in reality with our easy solutions. Peoplelink is working day and night to give you the best quality at affordable prices in the market. We are satisfying hundreds and thousands of customers in the following sectors by providing high quality solutions:


The finance services and banking sector has seen a drastic change during the last few years due to globalization which brought a several international banking services, giving a tough competition to the domestic services. Peoplelink solutions give the much needed relief from competition by giving you the wide range of products which will keep you above the league. Our video conferencing software gives access to anywhere anytime without the hassles of traveling. You can reach thousands of customers, participants, employees, attendees across the globe with our PVCS ultra. Read more about video conferencing for financial sector.


The smooth functioning of the government ensures better development and progress of the country, and it requires a team of committed people in a chain of network working for a common cause. The real success of any government lies in its ability to reach the grass root level to make sure that no strata of society is being neglected. Peoplelink ultra and PVCS Insta pro help in managing the different organizations which come under state and country through the best quality video conferencing solutions.Read more about video conferencing for government sector.

Retail Industry:

The growing demands of the business and cut throat competition can take a toll on your professional and personal life. Especially in the retail and manufacturing units which largely depends on the customer satisfaction. Being a business person you need traveling to different places to buy and sell your products and make international deals. PVCS Standard is the best solution for the medium to entry level retail units who can save up to 80% of traveling cost and 30% on the hardware required to get the system running. Read more about video conferencing for retail industry.

Education :

Education can enlighten an ignorant soul with the light of knowledge so spreading this light can secure the future of any country. The video conferencing software can help in bringing a lot of creative ways to improve the standard of education by providing practical experiences like field trips, excursions, cultural exposure etc in the class itself. The peoplelink video conferencing along with interactive board, portable visualizer and ultra small keyboard, taking classes in the interior reasons is easier and help in spreading education in all corners of the world.

Engineering & Manufacturing :

The engineering services have seen a sea change due to globalization enabling better working facilities with the help of high-tech technology. The need of the hour is to keep abreast with the international standards of infrastructure to give a better performance. Peoplelink provides connectivity with the best people in the market who can help in building a repertoire with customers around the globe, with a collaborative effort of different products. Our solutions are flexible enough to work on any hardware so you save a lot of money which you otherwise spend on buying extra equipment. Read more about video conferencing for engineering and manufacturing industry.

Enterprises :

The corporate culture has given a plethora of opportunities to all by shortening distances with the help of technology. The people with talent are becoming successful entrepreneurs by incorporating the right tools and utilizing the proper resources. With the help of peoplelink's HD True video conferencing experience, the enterprises can connect to a number of clients and attend a number of conferences from the comfort of office. Read more about Enterprise Video Conferencing.

Healthcare :

The field of telemedicine is not new but video conferencing has given it a new dimension by providing immediate help to the patients who can reach the doctors within a short duration and consult him the same way as a real consultation. The peoplelink software provides real time communication by linking consultants, physicians, experts and patients, taking the medical facilities to the interiors as well. The collaborating efforts of our various tools help in giving the best quality of video conferencing facility in the entire healthcare unit. Read more about Healthcare Video Conferencing.

Hospitality :

The hospitality industry has suffered a lot due to the turmoil in the world's major economies which has led to many cost cutting strategies including less expenditure on travel and accommodation. This condition can be improved by adopting the path breaking technology of video conferencing which can help by attracting tourists and clients for business purposes to the hotel industry. This facility can bring a lot of international customers who can have preview of all the facilities through video conferencing. PVCS professional series are apt for creating an impression on the customers. Read more about video conferencing solutions for hospitality industry.

Pharmaceuticals :

The field of pharmaceuticals is so vast, as per the changing medicinal values, the technological upgradations is an ever ending process in this field. The invention of new technologies and formulation of drugs can be seen live with the peoplelink's insta pro and discussion on various projects can be carried out with the help of P2P instant messenger along with video conferencing. We give the best support system which will guide you at each and every step. Read more about video conferencing solutions for pharmaceuticals industry.

Research & Development :

This field requires a person to travel from one place to another for carrying out the research and study various prospects in different countries related to the project which will ultimately lead to development. Peoplelink will give you many options to choose from to reach the area of your research and connect to various institutes for study purpose. In fact in higher studies research plays a significant role, thus we make sure that you get the best software which is so flexible that you don't need any extra equipment to get started. This will save your precious time and money which you can use in your research. Read more about video conferencing solutions for Research & Development.