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Video Conferencing - Pharma Sector

Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical equipment companies need to move new products into the market quickly to recover the research and development cost and get maximum benefits from a limited patent life.

PeopleLink Video conferencing solutions enable face-to-face, interactive communications with key parties from various locations, and can facilitate project reviews, training, remote trial observation and faster decision making. All of these enable pharmaceutical, biotech and medical companies to bring products to market sooner and more efficiently, as well as realize revenue earlier.

Video Conferencing For Pharma IndustryVideo Conferencing For Pharma Industry

Clinical Trial Process

During the critical drug trial process, PeopleLink video conference solutions allow researchers or key stakeholders to hold detailed meetings with physicians, patients and government agencies. Real-time project reviews and meetings, including all the team members, can happen irrespective of the locations. Those involved in the trial process can collaborate with centers of excellence for real-time feedback. Product marketing can use video conference for announcements, training,ask-the-expert dialogue, and observational studies.

New Drug Research/Discovery

Companies spend significant amount of time and resources researching and negotiating with various alliances. PeopleLink Video Conference Solution allows real time meetings that enable pharmaceutical companies to more effectively partner with other companies for research, marketing and distribution of new products.

Video Conferencing Clients For Pharma Industry

Success Stories

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