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Public Sector Utilities

PeopleLink Video Conferencing help PSU professionals deliver higher quality and more personalized services in parallel with controlled cost. PSU’s are large scale enterprises, where speedy and secure communications are essential. PeopleLink Deliver First Enterprise-Quality Distributed Conferencing Software, Enabling Any Number of Users on Video, Voice and Mobile. A large scale enterprise composes of a very large network of its auxiliaries which are allocated at diversified geographies

PeopleLink is the best choice for PSU’s. This product is the best device to arrange video conferencing between customers in any part of the nation. You do not need to hassle yourself with concerns on how to arrange multipoint movie conventions between division workplaces any longer — we will do it for you.


  1. For all Enterprises, organizational and Training experts are becoming more and more in demand. How do you best maximize their time? PeopleLink solutions bring the problem to the expert, not the other way around, maximizing expertise, while saving time and money.
  2. Your Sales as well as Technical experts can impart training to the staff, located across the geography without needing to travel to those locations
  3. Trained staff will be able to give higher productivity and use time efficiently. PeopleLink can improve technical and Sales executive productivity by 20 percent.


PeopleLink high definition solutions provide a telepresence experience that helps medical experts and scientists collaborate on research without leaving their laboratories.

  1. Dealer Service Centers can directly ask the queries from the Manufacturing plant experts, hence decreasing servicing time and increasing Customer service experience.
  2. Dealer service centers can visually show the faulty equipment online and get trained on repairing the same. This builds the trust and confidence of both the dealers as well as the end customer
  3. Can impart regular support and marketing activities input to Dealers on day to day basis

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