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Video Conferencing - Government Sector

The most life-like, real-time collaborative communication experience for daily and mission critical communication. Every day, Central, state and localgovernments are tasked with providing a range of services to citizens, businesses, and even other governments; from day-to-day services to emergency response. Yet even with the task of providing so many services, agencies must strive to cut operational costs and save taxpayer money, while increasing operational effectiveness and productivity.

Today, PeopleLink offers the most secure platform in the industry for high-quality video communications. Our innovative solutions improve collaboration through real-time interaction, enable quicker decision-making and shorten time to action. PeopleLink's solutions not only empower agencies to act more efficiently on a daily basis, they also enable mission critical communications during emergencies and natural disasters on a local, national, or even global scale.

Video Conferencing For Government SectorVideo Conferencing For Government Sector

National & State Level Government

PeopleLink's innovative, secure solutions allow agencies to work more efficiently and productively, improve readiness and response, deliver timely and informed decisions, and reduce costs using real–time collaboration. From administration and training to national defense, PeopleLink's Video Conference technology can be used every day by every department and agency in the states, local and central government for countless applications. Our full range of standardized solutions enable workers to meet with teammates, partners and citizens in an on-demand or scheduled basis to exchange information and make well-informed decisions on time.

Intraagency Communication

Intraagency-communicationImprove access to people and resources on-demand and make sure that users can connect and communicate with the best experience regardless of the network or endpoint equipment used. Eliminate boundaries, improve situational awareness, and make faster decisions with instant access to people and information - from anywhere to anywhere.

Missions require a coordinated response among government agencies and departments, as well as nongovernmental organizations and international organizations.

PeopleLink is dedicated to delivering solutions that improve access to people and resources on-demand and to ensure that users can connect.


  • Improve Situational Awareness – fast, efficient and effective information exchange between geographically distributed locations results in better situational awareness and the ability to make faster decisions
  • Improve Coordination and Collaboration – communicating across multiple agencies reduces duplication and omission of crucial tasks
  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency – decrease time spent traveling or on temporary duty assignments
  • Enhance Agency Relationships – improve coordination, create familiarity and develop trust in relationships between agencies with face-to-face communications
  • Increase Cost Savings – decreasing money spent on travel (vehicle, fuel etc.)
  • Augment Training Programs – share training resources between departments


  • Joint Planning – familiarize members of various organizations with the tasks, methods, and responsibilities of other organizations
  • Training & Education – set expectations, responsibilities and train agencies prior to emergencies on safety, security and conduct
  • Multi-organization Coordination & Collaboration – improve coordination and information sharing across federal, state and local emergency responders
  • Secure Communications – instantly verify points of contacts and view reactions to decisions
  • Command and Control – deliver secure, real-time information to commanders and to improve coordination among key organizations is critical to the success of these missions
Video Conferencing Clients For Government Sector

Success Stories

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