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Healthcare Video Conferencing

One of the best ways to improve the quality of healthcare is to improve real-time interactive communication in the healthcare industry. PeopleLink software video conference solutions offers the best way for any healthcare provider to increase the level of care by,  control costs, address staffing shortages, serve rural patients and keep pace with the competition.

Video Conferencing For Health CareVideo Conferencing For Health Care

Today, patients and providers alike are taking advantage of the benefits of video conferencing. Live digital video and high-speed satellite connections enable specialists to evaluate and diagnose illnesses in real time, without requiring patients to travel long distances. Hospitals are leveraging the power of IP video networks to link clinics, consultants, specialists and patients, extending the reach of health care into remote areas. Medical professionals enjoy the convenience of accessing professional development classes, certification programs, and training through video conferencing.


Healthcare professionals understand the potential to improve access to medical services through telemedicine.

Reaching more patients

Distance poses a special challenge for health care. How do you connect a patient to the right specialist many miles away? How do you deliver basic health care to rural communities and sparsely populated areas? How can a team of caregivers meet to develop a treatment plan? Distance and time are major barriers to better healthcare.

PeopleLink software video conferencing solutions enable health care professionals to see patients otherwise beyond their reach and to connect patients to clinicians at different medical facilities, making healthcare more accessible to everyone.

Providing better care

PeopleLink high definition solutions enable patient consultations with specialists far away. A referring physician and a specialist can view patient records and X-rays simultaneously via data sharing while examining the patient on a separate screen. Additional input from off-site experts can result in earlier diagnosis and quicker care.

PeopleLink provides new ways to deliver a variety of clinical and support services, including patient education. Using PeopleLink system, healthcare professionals can add additional caregivers to a video call without the need for extra equipment, advance scheduling or a technician.

Research and training

PeopleLink high definition solutions provide a telepresence experience that helps medical experts and scientists collaborate on research without leaving their laboratories. Incoporating PeopleLink into a healthcare environment, teaching hospitals can make it possible for remote students to see and ask a doctor about a surgical procedure while it is underway or help diagnose a patient from afar. PeopleLink delivers true high definition video resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second) and a true-to-life experience, making it possible to view surgeries via video and see exactly what the surgeon does.

PeopleLink Communications supports the healthcare industry

PeopleLink supports medical institutions in their development of new telemedicine applications that will enhance and improve the way health care is delivered to patients.

Healthcare Administration

Profitability, sustainability, productivity and ROI are essential elements of sound healthcare management. PeopleLink healthcare solutions provide improved communications and collaboration for better decision-making, efficiency, cost-savings and productivity.

Medical Education

Healthcare is a labor-intensive business. Keeping human resource assets current and up to date is a priority. PeopleLink video conferencing technology cost effectively brings knowledge transfer and the classroom on-site. Whether knowledge transfer takes place at the bedside, in the operating room, in the classroom, at a remote site across the street or across an ocean, PeopleLink video conferencing technology brings the classroom on-site. Medical know-how and skills can be transferred in real time. Doctors worldwide connect to facilitate discussion and push medical knowledge frontier together. Plus, more frequent training sessions keep doctors up to date.

Video Conferencing Clients For Health Care

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